Septic Planning Software

Create scaled maps and plans for permitting

Software Built for Land Planners

Project Management

Generate new projects and let your team review any project from any computer.

Septic Planning Tools

Easily draw septic products such as tanks, piping, soil absorption components, etc.

Soil Analysis + System Options

Enter soil report details and generate onsite wastewater treatment system options.

State-Wide Parcel Search

Locate parcels from our state-wide database with our simple address search.

Septic System Calculators

Run the numbers based on soil tests, flow rates, and local regulations. Generate actionable options for your customers.

Pump Selection

Easily and accurately select a pump for your system. Update your network and we update your pump.

Search and use our GIS to plan, make and save scaled maps. Get your land plan today.

End-to-End Septic Planning

From sharing preliminary layout maps and materials estimate with your customers, to submitting final plans for permitting to As-built drawings. We have you covered.

Software Built by Septic Designers

You know that septic planning for a property is difficult. Different county regulations, finding the parcel details and identifying difficult geographic features. With you have the tools to make it seem easy to your customers.

Custom Septic Drawing Tools
Click to Draw Septic Products on the Map to Scale
Create Multiple Option Maps with Material Estimates

Septic Design Calculators

Select one of our many calculators to run the numbers for minimum distribution area and pump requirements. Easily generate dosing schedules.

Leaching Trench, Mound, Low Pressure Pipe, Spray Calculators
Pump Database
Generate Printable PDF Plans

Who is our software for?

Contractors and land owners that want to save time and money generating plans rapidly.

Septic Installers

Start designing systems for your customers. Stop waiting and start expanding your Design-Build expansion.

Engineers + Surveyors

Cut your planning time in half, export to a better mapping solution. We give you the dimensions you need to get the job done. We know that septic planning is often too much of a burden to worry about for your business. Our software offers quick solutions you can use to become a complete lot planner.

Soil Testers + Designers

Give your customers a quicker response through quicker planning. Let regulators check your work and write comments.

Hear from Our Customers

"Being a septic installer I would always use a septic design company for my mound and spray systems, because of the ease of use with NewSeptic I am now able to provide my customers with their designs at a quicker and cheaper rate."

Shawn Kungle
Right Choice Septic

"You were a huge help on a couple of designs we did. Your software really is a game-changer."

DJ Pack
-A&P Septic, LLC

"NewSeptic has definitely been worth the money! Thanks for letting me subscribe! "

Greg Piatt
Piatt Excavating